Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bataan Pictures

Steve and I. Morong Beach, 1992.

Steve on his way to work.

Steve's house.

Dorm 49.

My dorm mates at dorm 49.
Charisse, Berna Javier, Steve Torres, Mindy and Me.

with Charisse Gabinete. Camp.

A vietnamese woman in her billet.

A Vietnamese Billet.

A vietnamese doctor performing acupuncture.

Back road of the camp.

With Linda and Ngaio Kern--and Lek and Absinthe Algaier.

Steve with Brendan Furlong.
Brendan is the ER doc that dragged Steve to the Philippines in the first place.
He is on Steve's right.
Jim Tuttle in the blue jersey was from Maine, I think.
The rest are basketball buddies.

An actual Refugee Boat.

Freedom Plaza,1992.
Steve and I were walking home one late night after a party.
We stopped to rest on the grass in the middle of this plaza.
We woke up early the next morning surrounded by people standing at attention.
Freedom Plaza was the site for the daily National Anthem and flag ceremony.

Morong church. The venue for many confessions.

Chesca, Steve Young and Elaine Henson

With Steve Young. Valdez Beach. Bataan.

At Freedom Plaza, Steve Young and Elaine.

Gil P. Acuna, Me, Steve, two other women physicians named Vivienne and a girl from NY.
Guys from PRPC.

My kids celebrating my birthday.
This cake was baked by Pindie Stephen-Derthick.

My kiddies.

Ngaio Kern, Me and Absinthe Algaier.

Ida Pao Moredo, Angela Watson, Teacher Chesca, Pia-nona and Angelica.

My kiddies. Note the refugee children in the periphery.

Chona, Terri De Belen, Eva, Jane Foronda and the rest of the women of the Administration department of ICMC.
One day I overheard Chona at the phone booth (Blue-pone)
She was doing her once a week call to her boyfriend:
"I just called to say: I love you!!!"
(which is the line I thought of EVERY time I saw her)
I wonder if she ended up marrying him.

The men of ICMC Administration department.
That is Willy Soriano on the right (RIP)

At Karen's home in morong.
The 'taller Steve' with charisse, Gil Acuna and Vangie Caasi, Karen and I.

with Rodil Tolentino my dorm mate. Pany Beach, Morong Bataan.

With Kara Derthick and Aneka Crisostomo.

Lisa and I keeping score at a volleyball tournament.

BJ the hairdresser.
He has the clown face on.
This was a hair show.

I have many more pictures that I will add to this page.
If you have any for me: email it to me.