Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pictures from my brother Jimmy's phone

Jim and Char's eldest son that did not immigrate with them.
He just started his first job with Nestle as a management trainee.
We miss you Migs.


three girls + mom.

Steve's wives.

"Welcome home dear, your dinner is ready in this brown bag."

My niece Erica and her grandfather.

How many people does it take to clean a porch light? Teamwork!


A says: "I feel we are vulnerable to an attack from the river."
Oddly enough Jimmy, without hearing A--says the same thing.
(My brothers are nuts)

Silva girls having ice cream. Auntie Charissa looks on lovingly.

My Handsome Godson, Bryan. Galena Illinois.

On a boat on the Mississippi River.

Singing Kumbaya in Charissa's backyard, Galena Illinois.

Chari, Bean. Millenium Park, Chicago.

Chari, Blue and Julia. Ferris Wheel, Navy Pier.

Leah and Erica. Navy Pier

Peggy and Char. Hyde Park, Chicago. 6/2008